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Links to instructional videos are located on the Software Feature pages in the menu. They will take you step by step through each phase of using the My Style Wedding software. Look for the icon.


Question: How do I get help in learning how to use My Style Wedding?

Answer: Much of the software is ‘intuitive’ meaning you can learn to use the program quite easily. A great deal of support is available at Read your Quickstart booklet with your CD or online. For more detailed instructions, use our online Training Videos. Share information and find tips on our Forum or contact our Support staff through the web site.

Question: Can I use the 3D, interactive features without entering data?

Answer: You can see and interact with our provided templates of ceremony and reception scenes and can import objects from our catalogues directly into the scenes.

Question: Can I use the planning tools of My Style Wedding without using the 3D (Live It) section?

Answer: Of course. We believe these are the best and easiest-to-use planning tools on the market.

Question: Can I import data from other software into My Style Wedding guests lists and other data forms?

Answer: Yes

Question: What else will I need to plan the perfect wedding?

Answer: We provide you with the standard tools you need and suggest many tasks, budget items and other details. You can add data for your unique needs. There are many other sources of planning information at and other sites on the Internet to add to your planning if desired. ‘Perfection’ is limited only by imagination.

Question: What can I do if I find a problem in using this software?

Answer: Consult our comprehensive and extensive Support aids at


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